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Carry Cots: Don't waste your my opinion


Carry Cots: Don't waste your my opinion
Saturday, October 03, 2015

Choosing a pushchair takes some time and is a purchase that should be well researched and thought about. I tried to think about what I would be doing with my baby – would I be walking around in the city, would I be walking in more rural areas, would I want to carry the shopping in the buggy, etc…?  When choosing mine I soon realised what I wanted. A pushchair that was unisex in colour, that had a good basket size which was easily accessible (many are very small and not very accessible) and one that offered a full recline of the seat. The recline was vital for me as I knew I wanted to train my children to sleep in their pushchair to make life easier when I was out and about.

What I quickly came to identify was that carry cots were not necessary. On writing this post, I have just had a quick look on Google to find the cost of carry cots. The first website I have come across has carry cots listed from £160 to £250.

The investment we made was into the Armadillo Flip XT from Mamas and Papas (without the carry cot). I would highly recommend this product. I have been using the pushchair with my baby since she was just under 2 weeks old. She sleeps perfectly flat in it. Making the decision not to purchase the carry cot has meant I have not been set back with another item that would become redundant very quickly. Again it’s a personal decision and many like to have a carry cot (the Armadillo Flip XT has the option of a carry cot extra).

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