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Giving Medicine: Try using a small bottle


Giving Medicine: Try using a small bottle
Friday, October 02, 2015

Your baby's first set of immunisations are quite an ordeal, not only for the baby but for yourself. You may at some point give your baby paracetamol in a liquid form to help with a fever following their jabs. Within the box you will be supplied with a syringe and you will have probably been thinking that the syringe will make your life easier. But think again. I tried it this week and I would say 75% of my baby's medicine went on her face and over her vest. So now amongst calming my baby, failing to get her to swallow her medicine, trying to give her milk to comfort her - I also had to change her clothes whilst her legs were sore! I came back home and my mother in law told me that she used to use a small bottle called a Dinky bottle to give her children their medicine. I couldn't find Dinky bottles anymore however came across an alternative -  'Munchkin - The Medicator.' A great idea to put the medicine in a bottle - something that is familiar to your baby. At the end of the day at 8 weeks your baby may only ever been breast or bottle fed so how are they going to know what to do when a syringe full of medicine is put in their mouth?

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